8 expansion joint

As the premier provider of metal lath products to the construction industry, CEMCO offers expansion joints and expanded corner beads manufactured by Niles Building Products, Inc. These expanded metal trims and expansion joints are produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel that comply with ASTM C and C Some products are also available in pure zinc on a special order basis. Expansion joints are also made from high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel, and are available in double J, double V, 30 inside corner, and 40 adjustable configurations.

Each of these products is manufactured to strict depth or ground dimensions to ensure the best finish possible in exterior plaster finishes.

#15 Double-V Control Joint

Used specifically for interior applications, this gypsum board control joint is easily installed with staples, and a removable plastic strip for a clean, crisp joint line. Absorbs movement due to expansion and contraction of plastered walls. Provided with an expanded flange for proper keying and easy application This inconspicuous product provides a clean and neat joint in exterior applications.

This product has expanded This product has expanded flanges for proper keying and easy application. Its unique design permits the plas Lath Products Lath Accessories. Submittal Creator Catalogs Evaluation Reports. Expansion Joint Corner Accessories No.No company can come close to our experience and expertise handling cutting edge seismic projects. From standard solutions to highly engineered systems like corridors, base isolations, even stairs, CS can create a cover to meet your project requirements.

Exclusive Delrin Bearing Exclusive Delrin bearing allows cover to move smoothly and prevents binding like covers using metal to metal components.

8 expansion joint

Gravity Activated Turnbar CS' gravity activated turnbar returns cover smoothly to normal position after an event. Joint Width CS offers the industry's largest joint widths. Modular Pan CS' modular pan's design eliminates deflection and cracking.

The cover's modular pan can include any flooring material. Fire tested, peace of mind. When it comes to fire testing, our solutions must pass a series of cycle tests prior to surviving the inferno. Wind can be a devastating opponent in certain locations. We can prove that our solutions can withstand the strongest winds at our in-house wind tunnel. Let's face the facts, floor covers take some serious abuse. Our solutions are subjected to the necessary rolling load tests to ensure performance even in the heaviest traffic areas.

Single Metal Expansion Joints 6″ and 8″ Size

Learn more about the critical process behind testing and installing expansion joint cover systems for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and fire barrier. Understanding the proper protocols when it comes to expansion joint cover installation is crucial to pass inspection, as well as to ensure safety.

Watch the Construction Specialties videos to learn more about expansion joint cover system testing and installation. We understand that every project has its own special movement criteria, and that one of our standard designs may not be right for your project.

See examples of our custom solutions. This seismic upgrade to this distinct public building called for 33" of movement in all directions.

Solving complex movement challenges for over 50 years. See all Expansion Joint Covers. Floor Covers. Exterior Wall Covers. Roof Covers.Proco Style RE wide arch expansion joints are built to withstand even the most rigorous piping system configurations. They allow for axial compression or axial extension, and lateral deflection as well as angular and torsional movements.

For more information about the features and benefits of the Proco Style RE, download our brochure. All products are reinforced with Polyester Tire Cord 1. All elastomers above are not intended for steam service. Nominal I. Angular 4 Deflection Degrees. Torsional 5 Rotation Degrees. Concurrent Movements — Concurrent movements are developed when two or more movements in a pipe system occur at the same time. If multiple movements exceed single arch design there may be a need for additional arches.

To perform calculation for concurrent movement when a pipe system design has more than one movement, please use the following formula: Calculation must be equal to or less than 1 for expansion joint to operate within concurrent movement capability.

At higher temperatures, the pressure rating is reduced slightly.

Metal rectangular expansion joint

Hydrostatic testing at 1. Weights are approximate and vary due to length. The degree of angular movement is based on the maximum rated extension. Torsional movement is expressed when the expansion joint is at neutral length. Calculation of Thrust Thrust Factor. When expansion joints are installed in the pipeline, the static portion of the thrust is calculated as a product of the area of the I.

The result is a force expressed in pounds. Take design, surge or test pressure X thrust factor to calculate end thrust. For filled arch configuration use the I. Vacuum rating is based on neutral installed length, without external load. Limit rod unit weight consists of one rod with washers, nuts, and two limit rod plates. For plastic pipe systems utilizing the series RC, consult Proco for design considerations. Larger sizes not shown in brochure are available upon request.

NOTES: 1. Control Unit Plate Detail.No one can offer greater security or variety in meeting your needs for steam or any other applications. Review the metal expansion joint flexible coupling models below to choose the optimal design for your application, or contact our highly trained staff for assistance.

Model NLC bellows expansion joints provide the perfect balance between value and performance. There are two standard lengths, and pressure ratings of 50,and psi. Available in 2" to any larger size needed. Model N high corrugation bellows expansion joints allow for versatile use in movements and lengths.

Available in 50 and psi versions from 3" to 36" diameters. Model C ring controlled expansion joints provide control, safety, and long possible travels by utilizing equalizing rings.

From 3" to 24" diameters. Although it only comes in one configuration, it is an economical choice that is appropriate for many applications. Model EP externally pressurized expansion joints have long axial compressions of 4", 6" and 8". Available in stocked psi, or psi versions. Diameters range from 2" to 36". They are stocked in weld, thread, flanged ends.

They come with sweat ends. The R-Packed Expansion Joints are designed for thermal expansion applications with axial movements. These "slip type" packed joints can accommodate 4", 8", or 12" of compression for single designs, and double that for dual designs. There is never a concern that an unscheduled outage will occur due to the expansion joint.

Available in and psi, and 2" to 24" diameters. The Tefbellows is an expansion joint that combines the properties of metal and PTFE into the most advanced expansion joint available for highly corrosive piping systems. Flexicraft provides a full range of metal bellows expansion joints designed for engine exhaust, including blowers, fans, diesel engine generators, marine exhaust, train locomotive, earthmoving equipment, and many other hot low pressure applications.

Metal bellows duct expansion joints are used in low pressure, higher temperature gas systems to compensate for thermal growth and vibration. Model WD welded diaphragm expansion joints provide a high pressure alternative, being rated at psi.

Toggle navigation. Request Help. Product Families Flexible Piping Solutions.A complete line of products, combined with our extensive experience, means our industrial customers find exactly what they need. Metal bellows expansion joints are often used to compensate for thermal expansion of hot piping systems. Rubber Expansion joints are normally used in piping systems under F, sometimes as pump or other equipment connectors.

PTFE expansion joints provide protection from chemical attack. Flexible ML Expansion Loops provide long movements in all directions, and generates no pressure thrust loads on pipe anchors.

Stock or custom braided flexible connectors are for vibration absorption and misalignment of pumps and other equipment. A subset is shown here.

The PipeSeal uses linking rubber sections to seal pipe and conduit penetrations through walls and floors.

8 expansion joint

A full array of pipeline strainers are available through our Stayflow Strainer division. Toggle navigation. Flexicraft Industries is your one call for every style of expansion joint and flexible connector. Request Help. Metal Expansion Joints. Rubber Expansion Joints. Flexible Expansion Loops. Braided Flexible Connectors.

8 expansion joint

Industrial Hoses. Hydropad Accumulators. PipeSeal Wall Seals. Pipeline Strainers.Overall Length and Weight. Materials Bellows: AT Alternate materials available upon request. Refer to the materials section. ANSI B Liners: AT Covers: Carbon steel. Tie Rods, Hinges, Gimbals: Carbon steel.

Bellows, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. To combine axial, lateral and angular movements, please refer to the how to order section. To increase cycle life or movements, please refer to graph on cycle life. Rated bellows extension is equal to rated axial movement. Provided bellows is precompressed the amount of design extension. Installed overall length will decrease by the amount of precompression.

Maximum test pressure: 1. Torsional spring rate data provided only for modeling expansion joints on computer stress programs. Please consult factory for allowable torsional loadings. Overall lengths and weights for unrestrained expansion joints only.

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Consult factory for information regarding tied, hinged, or gimbal expansion joints. Download PDF. Return to usbellows. Expansion Joint Data Tables. Bellows Request for Quotation.

Single Expansion Joint. Back to Index. Non-concurrant movements. Spring rates. Flanged Ends. Weld Ends. Combination Ends. Overall Length.At Triad Bellows we believe that design integrity is key to building metal bellows expansion joints that will last. With the high costs associated with system downtime, why just settle for a catalog stainless steel expansion joint? Let the design team at Triad Bellows engineer your expansion joints for the ultimate in performance, with no additions cost or manufacturing time.

Single Expansion Joints.

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This basic expansion joint is made by attaching fittings to a single stainless steel bellow. Triad Bellows will incorporate any weldable fitting into your expansion joint design.

Tie Rods, flow liners and covers can be added to the single metal expansion joint to enhance the performance capabilities.

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Each In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint is designed for a specific pressure, temperature and axial compression rating. The most common fitting configurations are flanges or beveled weld ends. Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints. This expansion joint is similar to the tied universal expansion joint with balancing bellows that almost totally eliminates the pressure thrust on the anchors.

This metal expansion joint design is recognized and recommended by the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association. Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints. Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints are the perfect choice for large amounts of axial compression or extension. Other benefits of an externally pressurized expansion joint are that they have a built-in guiding system eliminating the need for the first pipe guide in a piping run.

For steam applications, where usually a flow liner is required, externally pressurized expansion joint, due to its construction eliminates this requirement. This type of metal expansion joint also incorporates an outer casing to contain the pressure which also protects the metal bellows from damage. Universal Expansion Joints. This expansion joint design will accept large amounts of lateral offset in multiple planes.

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The amount of deflection is based on the amount of angulation each bellows can take and the length of the center spool. The designers at Triad Bellows can increase or decrease the lateral deflection capability and cycle life by changing the center pipe length.

Proco Style RE-231

These expansion joints do not use tie rods and require the system piping to be properly anchored. Tied Universal Expansion Joints. With the addition of tie rods this metal bellows expansion joint does not require main anchors in the pipe run.

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